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Training Schedule

Meet the Coaches

Stourbridge Volleyball coaching staff guide our players achieve their goals.
Meet the people who make the Stourbridge Volleyball team so amazing.

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4:30 to 6:00

Age 13 to 17

Transition to 6 v 6

Steph Konya + Pete Bragg

Another former Redhill student Steph has been a truly valued member of the Stourbridge Volleyball family since 2007.  Steph works closely with Pete Bragg to make sure they’re performing to the best of their ability.


6:30 to 8:30

Regional League
Boys & Men

Sam Field

Sam is a former Redhill pupil so has grown up with the club from age 11. Now a Level 2 coach Sam is quick to see the potential in those in his charge. Several have gone along to be Sam's team mates in the NVL squad.


5:00 to 6:00
Mini Volley
Age 7 to 13
 Stephane Poulat

Stephane supports Coach Niky who has been involved with Stourbridge for over 10 years now. From Bulgaria originally Mr Nikolov is still an active national league player. Stephane is a parent who is in overall care of the Primary school group.

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6:00 to 8:00
Regional Girls Women
 Steph Konya
& Jen Knowles

Both former Redhill pupils Steph and Jen are putting back into the sport and developing their coaching abilities. More qualifications in the plan for this year.

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4:30 to 6:00

Crestwood School

Players Age 13+

Bertrand Olie

Bertrand brings a Gaelic flavour to training. From Lyon originally Bertrand leads the Black Country NVL ladies team as well. Originally arriving in 2006 Bertrand is also a VE employee.

Have a question for any of our coaches? Want to learn how to become part of our team?

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